Thursday, February 19, 2009

Welcome to Celeste's Anime corner!!

Konnichiwa minna-san!!/ Hey all!!
If you are listeners on Radio-Mike's "Reset" podcast and have been wondering where Celeste went well she's right here!!XD So starting now until further notice I will be making bi-weekly/every other week updates on anything in the anime world. This includes new releases in both Japan and here in the states and also my anime reviews will be posted here as well.
So please take a seat and make yourself some nice hot chocolate with the sugar and big poofy marshmallows and let's dive into new anime coming on this winter/spring in Japan and stuff to be licensed here in the states :D!!!
Here in the U.S.A:
Alright, anime that are being licensed now are:

  1. Neon Genesis Evangelion 1.0-You Are Not Alone-This is the first part in the rebuild of Gainax's classic Neon Genesis Evangelion. The major difference is that it's a feature length animated movie with awesome graphics and something of a reinterpretation to the beloved series. At it's core it's the same eva that you know and love plus extra scenes! This is awesome and I must say that I am so happy that they decided to bring it over cuz it's just..superb!!!Can't think of any other way to say it to describe just how awesome this is!
  2. *Blassreiter-Faced with an outbreak of demonic blood, which transforms humans into insane and hideous creatures bent on violence and death, only one man can stand against the tide of destruction. Joseph Jobson, the only man able to control his cursed demonic form, must hunt down the man who cursed him and save the world from apocalypse
  3. My Bride is a Mermaid-A young boy is saved from drowning thanks to the help of a mermaid but, according to mermaid law, if a mermaid's true form is revealed to a human, then they must be killed! But if they get married then they don't die...
  4. *Bamboo Blade- Toraji Ishida is a high school kendo teacher. His friend and fellow kendo teacher makes him a bet: if Ishida can assemble a girls' kendo team that can defeat his girls' team in a practice match, he'll treat Ishida to free meals at his father's sushi restaurant for a whole year. Now Ishida must find five girls to join the team.
  5. El Cazador de la Bruja-created by Bee Train(people behind .Hack//Sign) and is about a young girl named Ellis who is suspected of murder and a bounty hunter named Nadie who tracks Ellis down in Mexico. we know where the spanish sounding title comes from. But in the end Nadie decided to team up with Ellis to discover the truth behind the murder, Ellis's past, and a mysterious gemstone called Rosa Del Inca.

This is only the beginning everyone! It is only the beginning of the year so there will be more stuff coming down the line..hopefully. AANNDD Celeste is sleepy so the next post will be pictures/screenshots of the above anime and dvd releases stateside.

So with that Bye bye everyone and feel free to leave comments/feedback! <3