Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Spring is here and so is new anime!!

Fresh New Anime Just in Time for Spring!!

First off let me say, "Gomen ne! Minna-san!"! I know it's been forever since I updated but that's because last season's anime was so uninspired, in my opinion at least, and rather than rant and rave about why it's so bad...I chose not to write anything at all. But now with all this new and great anime out on the nets, I'm inspired to review and write again!! So let's begin with.....

Title: B gata H kei
Genre: comedy, romance, ecchi
Premiered on tv in Japan: April 2010
Rating: A strong Pg-13 for sexuality

So I just started watching this over the weekend and it's hilarious. The story revolves around a young self proclaimed "bishoujo" ie. "pretty girl" named Yamada, we have not found out her first name as of yet. Anywayz! She's a virgin in high school and her goal is to have over 100 sex partner. Yes! 100 casual sex partners!! Only problem is she doesn't have experience and doesn't want her potential partner to tease her because of her inexperience. So what does she do? She sets out to find a "cherry boy" to be her first of many! Wow!

So yeah! Reading the synopsis for this and looking at pics for it I thought, "oh dear! another ecchi anime...-_-" But so far it's hilarious!! Yamada is absolutely clueless about guys and this along with her insane goal is bound for more hilarity to ensue. The only bad thing, I guess, you could say about it is that they are throwing out alot of fanservice at one time and the premise for it doesn't exactly allow for a long running season. But as long as it entertains and keeps my laughing then let the short ride commence!

My rating is a 3 out of 5!

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